Honors Celebration

Honors 2018 Header

CYD’s annual Honors Celebration will be Sunday, June 3 at Ansley Golf Club. This year’s theme is “Building Foundations” in honor of all our students and graduates working towards reaching their potential!

Our goal is to raise $40,000 for our annual operating fund. This fund provides for each CYD student from elementary school through college. In order to meet our goal, we are asking for your help; please consider becoming a sponsor of this event. Event sponsorships begin at $500, click HERE for information!

Since 1994, 100% of students who completed CYD graduated high school, 96% began a post-secondary degree program, and currently 88% are either still enrolled or have earned their post-secondary degree. Also, 40% of students who earned their bachelor’s degree continued to earn their master’s degree! When nationally, only 14% of low income students earn a college degree, it is evident that our long-term support changes the odds for children. 

Event tickets are $100, click HERE to purchase!