Create Your Dreams (CYD) is..

CYD is a long-term, youth development program dedicated to nurturing the talents and dreams of students living in underserved areas of Atlanta. We provide the resources, opportunities and relationships children living below the poverty line require to reach their potential and break the cycle of generational poverty.

CYD began in 1994 as a summer camp for 20 students living in the Perry Homes area, one of Atlanta’s poorest communities, and quickly evolved into a year-round, second home and support system for children and their families. Our students come from communities filled with joblessness, crime, high school dropouts, drug use and teenage pregnancy.  The majority of CYD families live well below the poverty level and 80% are headed by single parents who did not complete high school.

CYD provides our students with the support they need to break this cycle.  The results of our program speak for themselves:  100% of students who complete our program graduate high school; 98% began a post-secondary degree program; and 80% who enrolled in a post-secondary education have either earned their degree or are still enrolled. Also, 40% of CYD college graduates who earned their bachelor’s degree continued on to earn their master’s degree!

CYD changes the odds!

 CYD programming provides for boys and girls of all ages!